More return from your business with the right focus

  • Do you sometimes have the feeling that you are in a split?
  • Do your schedules never come true because something always comes up?
  • Do you have a huge list of things that need to happen, but no idea where to start?

Doesn't that make you crazy? You want to be busy with your profession, but it seems that you hardly have the time to do it. You have to do everything at once. Another day passed ... Again not finished what you wanted to finish for that day ...

 Sound familiar? Sign up now for the Focus Booster!

Practical advice pays off!

Every entrepreneur, large or small, regularly encounters questions. You often know your own field inside out. But there is so much more, there are many areas outside the field that you as an entrepreneur need to deal with. I can help you make sure that you meet your milestones, that you get focus and that you can continue to work on your profession. Because with the right focus you realize your goals!

"If you don't have a goal, you can't score"

What makes the "FOCUS BOOSTER" program unique?

Dit traject is gebaseerd op een wereld aan praktijkervaring en daarnaast gestoeld op de meest waardevolle inzichten uit een complete bibliotheek aan boeken en toegepaste kennis op het vlak van bedrijfseconomie, proces management, riskmanagement, strategievorming, businessmodellen, verandermanagement, business development, etcetera. Met mijn gecombineerde achtergrond als adviseur, ondernemer en bedrijfskundige kan ik de ontwikkeling van uw focus op zeer effectieve wijze begeleiden. Dankzij mijn achtergrond als adviseur weet ik de juiste vragen te stellen, complexe vraagstukken in een eenvoudig daglicht te stellen en praktisch te maken. Vanuit mijn ervaring als ondernemer weet ik als geen ander wat er nodig is om de juiste resultaten te boeken en als bedrijfskundige kan ik alles in de juiste context plaatsen.

For whom?

The Focus Booster program is intended for entrepreneurs who do not see the results that are commensurate with their efforts, always have a shortage of time and feel to be controlled by the issues of the day. But also entrepreneurs with plans and ideas who want to discuss this with an equal colleague, analyze different situations, explore solutions and ultimately, with the right focus, put them into practice.

What are the benefits?

You develop a clear focus to achieve your business objectives, based on a clear step-by-step plan. This program gives you insight into your most important focus points and how you can influence them to achieve your goals. After the program you have a clear picture of what your concrete goals are and which strategy you must execute with the right accompanying actions to be successful.

This program gives you valuable tools and insights for clearer business insight, more sales and income, and doing more what you really enjoy.

"You must have long-term goals so as not to be frustrated by short-term failures" (Charles C. Noble)

How is the Business Coaching program "FOCUS BOOSTER" structured and what is covered?

Based on an inventory of the issues, we have an inspiring trajectory of five personal coaching / consulting sessions in which we intensively discuss your goals, plans and ideas. We explore in depth what your business goals (may be) are, what you encounter and where you and your company stand out and make a difference in the market. All this results in a clear focus and a concrete plan. If you have the right focus, this will automatically translate into achieving your objectives.

The consulting sessions are guided and prepared on the basis of handy checklists & analyzes. You will also receive various E-tools with advice, information and exercises to do yourself.

What is your investment?

Your investment is € 1.495= (excl. VAT).

The costs of the "FOCUS BOOSTER" process include various E-tools with practical tips and a concrete action list for your own road map for success. Of course a telephone conversation with me is possible to discuss specific personal issues. If you complete this form, I will contact you to answer any questions you have and to discuss with you whether this process fits you and your business.

"Alone you move fast, together you move forward"

Do you want to know what Focus Booster can offer you? Make an appointment for a no-obligation meeting via info@LjsManagement, + 31 (0) 6 – 518 93 118 or complete the form below.

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